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A Day in the Shoes of

The very first project of the course, it involved a quick introduction to the project-based workflow. We were given 30 minutes to film some footage and edit it into a film, for which we then designed separate websites.

Scarlet Hues

This project involved putting several disparate elements into a uniform audio-visual experience. Talking the audience through the tale of an abusive relationship without uttering a single word, this project was primarily focused on audio production and editing.


Shifting emphasis to graphical elements, Circles presents the tale of the circle, and its ubiquity.


A play on the tropes of modern day infomercial, this project delivers the same, standard experience, with a rather surprising twist.

Cloudy McFluffous

Don't let the cutesy name fool you, for this project is a satire based on the explicit moral charge of the average children's animation. So sit back and be amazed!


The last project in this series, the website you are on right now, aimed at giving a centralized location to store all of the projects, instead of a generic directory window.


Hello, I am Lukas Zapolskas, a student of Computer Science and Mathematics in New York University, Abu Dhabi. Displayed on this page are projects of a rather interactive nature, with the rest of my current work living on Github.

This website is intended to pay homage to the HTML5 specification. As such, very little CSS or Javascript is used, in the hopes that the content will give it form, and not the other way around. It's also an exercise of minimalism that does not assume access to a speedy Internet connection. The whole website weighs a whopping total of 4,112 bytes.